You're pitching for investment. You only have one shot. Get it right.

Pitch Your Business

Pitch Your Business

A Video Training Course

with Annette Kramer

"Everyone loves Annette. She's the best in the business."
Dupsy Abiola, Winner, BBC Dragon's Den


A Video Training Course

with Annette Kramer

"Everyone loves Annette. She's the best in the business."
Dupsy Abiola, Winner, BBC Dragon's Den
Make yourself investor-ready for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional programmes.
Annette Kramer has helped entrepreneurs and start-ups raise millions globally. "Pitch Your Business" gives you the content and confidence - along with the insider’s tips and tricks - to get you noticed by investors.
Annette leading a pitching class at The Pitch
Image courtesy The Pitch 2014
Starting exactly where you are, discover 3 hours of videos and 6 hours of exercises to help you hit the target with your in-person pitch.

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What you will learn
Sample lesson:
Start a Conversation
What not to do:
This is better:
More of what not to do:
This is better:


I can recommend Annette without reservation.
I have worked with Annette for over 4 years now, since launching my first accelerator programme. She has the expertise to prepare entrepreneurs deliver confidently and professionally and also the content investors need to hear.
She helps them how to think, not just get an output – which lasts for a lifetime.
Jon Bradford, Managing Director, Techstars London

Everyone loves Annette - she's the best in the business. Annette was the first call I made when I found out I'd be on Dragon's Den - although she didn't know it at the time. And the work certainly paid off.
Dupsy Abiola, Winner of 2 offers of investment, BBC 1 Dragon's Den; Founder, Intern Avenue.

Annette is the Rolls Royce of pitch doctors for entrepreneurs, and from my work with her at PwC, there's nobody better to help both SMEs and corporates as well. Through teaching how to think through a business proposition and express it for every audience, Annette transforms her clients into leaders.
Noel McCarthy, Editor Online Thought Leadership, PwC, New York

Annette is the obvious choice for pitch training – her work at the Global Entrepreneur Festival gave entrepreneurs from around the world a great sense of what they need to do to make their pitches concise and persuasive. The feedback from them was 100% and I would recommend her without reservation.
Andrew Humphries, Founder, The Bakery Accelerator
& UK Government Tech City Consultant

Annette has the gift of synthesis — getting to the root of service value. She also has the keen strength of translating service value into bold, confident and differentiating statements that can often mean the difference between landing a piece of business or not. Equally important is Annette's expertise in organizing key statements in a 'story worth listening to' presentation architecture — a significant 'light bulb' outcome.
Loreen Babcock, CEO, Idevoita, Omnicom Agency

Annette is a masterful pitch coach with young entrepreneurs, and we are lucky to have had her time at WAYRA. Her direct approach allowed her to collaborate with each company to find a shape and voice for each pitch to bring out unique strengths of each participant. This she did within a structure that was sure to grab the attention of investors.
Annette's called the Rolls Royce of pitch coaches, and it's absolutely true.
Adah Parris, FRSA, WAYRA Tech Accelerator, Telefonika

Annette leading a pitching class at The Pitch Image courtesy of The Pitch 2014
Take the course for just £180 including VAT!
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Indeed a pleasure to meet you and see you in action as the Pitch Doctor yesterday. It was an extremely positive, vibrant and useful session ... We would love to have you back again in Chennai and often!
Vimal Subramanian, British Deputy High Commission, Chennai, India

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Annette. The company is now global. Your lessons are still with me; even after around 1000 pitches, they all make perfect sense.
Hardi Meybaum, CEO and Founder of GrabCad

Annette put together a great rehearsal programme for our young social entrepreneurs who were pitching for a $100k prize in our 3d4d Challenge. In the space of one day she really got them to 'up their game' and they all delivered focused and sharp presentations on the day which helped them all to achieve a professional edge.
William Hoyle, Director, TechForTrade

Annette was our secret weapon for our Demo Day at Springboard London. We needed to pitch in front of 130 investors in London, New York and in the Silicon Valley. She helped us to craft our message, to get it into our heads and to become so confident on stage we were really able to impress our audience. Annette is the Porsche of Pitch / Presentation / Storytelling coaches and a must investment for any startup.
Marc Maleika, Founder, Blastboard

Pitching expert, Annette Kramer

About Annette

Annette Kramer has brought her performance and business development practice from New York to London in April, 2009. Her work with companies to craft and deliver more compelling stories, manage people and lead teams has helped her clients raise millions in investment, break into new markets, and excel at sales.

Annette's clients include top tech incubators and universities, European government agencies, FTSE 500 corporations, SMEs and entrepreneurs.For more about Annette's work and clients, click here:

Take the course for just £180 including VAT!
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