Annette Kramer is a business advisor and non-executive director for emerging technology companies.  She also advises corporate executives on leadership and communication strategies.  In addition, Annette’s expertise includes developing technology incubators and accelerators in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.  In this capacity, she is perhaps best known for collaborating with young companies to think through their business proposition to raise funds and scale.

Annette is also known as London’s Rolls Royce of Pitch Mechanics.  She has helped entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars, pounds and euros, including winners on BBC1 Dragon’s Den, the basis for the US Shark Tank.  Annette breaks through the noise that too often causes entrepreneur whiplash when a founder listens to too many experts.  Her technique has proved that anyone can secure money and resources, regardless of their starting point.

Annette began her career as an early adopter in NYC new media agencies before becoming an independent web consultant to larger corporations.  She was one of PwC’s first hires on web consulting in New York when Pricewaterhouse merged with Coopers and Lybrand. After 8 years, she was recruited to advise an American philanthropist on starting a business in London.  Annette is now based in London and known as a thought leader, perhaps most notably as one of 9 Fellows at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle.